River’s Edge Hospital updates COVID-19 masking policy

River’s Edge Hospital updates COVID-19 masking policy

 ST. PETER, MN (September 29, 2022) — On Friday, September 23, the Centers for Disease Control issues updated COVID-19 guidance for health care providers. The updates included changes to infection control, potential exposures at work, and mitigating staff shortages.

Following a review of the guidance that states that when community transmission levels of COVID-19 are not high, healthcare facilities can choose to not require universal masking in the facility.   On September 29, 2022, Paula Meskan, CEO, announced that masks are no longer required for employees, patients, and visitors.

“I am pleased with the recent guidance from the CDC.  People have grown weary of masking.  It has been 1,001 days since we began masking at River’s Edge,” said Paula Meskan, CEO, and while we have been successful with having zero incidents of transmission of Covid within the hospital during that time, it will be good for the morale of the staff as well as patients and visitors to be able to see the faces of the people they interact with.  We know that Covid has not disappeared, but I am thankful that we are able to finally make some movement toward normal — whatever that may be – and to some of the things we were able to do prior to the start of the pandemic.”

Patients who are coming to River’s Edge Hospital with respiratory symptoms will be asked to wear a mask.  Details of the updated COVID-19 policy is posted at www.rehc.org.

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