River’s Edge Hospital Adds Price Estimator Tool to Website


River’s Edge Hospital has added a price estimator tool to its website to help individuals get a better idea of the potential cost of care for health-related services.  To access the price estimator tool, select the PRICE ESTIMATOR button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.  This will open up the price transparency page.  The price estimator is on the right of the page.  To use the tool, please follow the steps below:

Use of online Estimate System

Service Category: Use drop down to pick service desired.

Service: Use drop down to choose what service you would like a price on. You can only choose one service at a time so if multiple services they will need to be done individually.

Service Description: This is the CPT code that indicates the service you have chosen and will populate automatically.

Estimated Date of Service: Fill in the date you are scheduled for your services.

Insurance Type: Choose commercial or Medicare/Medicaid

Patient Information: Complete demographic information

Insurance Information: Choose “I have insurance and I know my information” or I don’t have insurance”. Depending on what you choose you will list additional information as required. Remaining deductible and remaining out of pocket are important to obtain patient portion.

Because we value your business, we would like you to be aware of the cost related to this procedure and what your financial responsibility may be for the services provided. Based upon the information that you shared with us, we have provided a good faith estimate. This estimate is based on the average charge for this procedure. Depending on the services actually provided, your charges may be different.

Your healthcare team may need to use other professionals to provide the best care, such as anesthesiology, laboratory, radiology and pathology for testing or consultation. While these professionals work in our building; they are independent of the hospital. You may receive a bill for these services. These services are not included in this estimate.

This estimate does not constitute a final contract, as the actual charges may be significantly different. If you have any questions about the cost of our services or want to find out about additional resources, please feel free to contact us at 507-934-7605.

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