Patient Attendant (sitter)

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Patient Attendant (sitter) positions available in multiple hospital departments, depending on the current need.

These are per diem employees hired into the sitter position. 4-12 hour shifts when a sitter is needed. Pay is $25/hour.



The primary responsibility of the attendant is to observe the patient and keep the patient safe.

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist the patient with their ADLs and ambulation as indicated
  • Assist with meal set-up and/or feeding; Check meal trays on arrival and removal to prevent anything left in patient room
  • Up in chair for meals, if able
  • Knowing the patient’s activity level – ambulate if able using modalities
  • Use of bed/chair alarms if fall risk
  • Assist with bathing, oral and skin care
  • Establish toileting routine, at least every 2 hours and as needed
  • Turn and reposition frequently/change linen as needed
  • Keep the environment safe and uncluttered. Keep tubes untangled and out of patient reach

The attendant must notify the RN of any perceived change in the patient condition so that the RN can take appropriate action which may include notifying the physician.


Patient Care experience preferred.

Preference for open availability.



$25.00 hour


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