Congratulations River’s Edge Hospital DAISY and BEE Award recipients

River’s Edge Hospital employees Sabrina Kanyi, RN, and Leif Runia-Bade, PharmD recently received awards at a special ceremony held at River’s Edge Hospital on November 16, 2023.

Sabrina Kanyi, a registered nurse in the Med/Surg unit at River’s Edge, received the DAISY Award, an award designed to recognize nurses for extraordinary acts of compassionate care.  Nurses at River’s Edge are nominated by their patients and family members, or co-workers.    Sabrina’s nomination was chosen from several nurses at River’s Edge who were nominated by their patients.   Part of Sabrina’s nomination stated, “Besides the normal rounds that nurses do Sabrina always made sure my pain was being managed. Sabrina always asked me if there was anything else she could do for me every time she came in and out of my room. I can tell in a person when they ask you what they can do that they really want to help you. Sabrina really cares about people, and it is not just her job.”

Leif Runia-Bade, is a registered pharmacist in the Med/Surg unit and received the BEE Award (Be Excellent Everyday) that was created to recognize River’s Edge employees who are not nurses for their compassionate care  of their patients.  Like the DAISY Award, employees are nominated by their patients and family members, or co-workers.   Leif was nominated by a patient who said, “Leif was the person that I felt went above and beyond to assist me. I will remember him for his kind, gentle and thorough approach. I was only there for a little over 24 hours, but he came to my room, personally, three times. He put a great deal of effort into checking with me to see which medications were working the best for me and integrating three new prescriptions I would go home with, into the schedule of eleven medications I already used. He made the rationale for his recommendations very clear, even creating a diagram to explain. He listened to my concerns and answered my questions clearly and thoroughly. He never spoke down to me. He made changes according to my expressed needs and gave me the final decision over which plan and medication I preferred. Finally, he gave me his business card in case I had questions when I got home.”

DAISY nominees included Mary More, Kayla Lee, Sabrina Kanyi, Amber Tollefson, Samantha Tasler, Trae Swehla, and Julie More.  BEE nominees were Lori Huttner, Leif Runia-Bade, Sam Harvey, Mikayla Vogel, Kristine Hall, and Gavin Grochow.

If you would like to nominate a nurse or other caregiver at River’s Edge Hospital, please visit DAISY & BEE Awards – River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic : River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic ( to submit your nomination.

BEE Nominees (l. to r.) – Lori Huttner, Sam Harvey, Leif Runia-Bade, Gavin Grochow, Makayla Vogel.

Sabrina Kanyi, RN

DAISY Nominees – (l. to r.) – Amber Tollefson, Mary More, Kayla Lee, Julie More, Samantha Tasler, Trae Swehla

Leif Runia-Bade, PharmD

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