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It is our privilege to serve your healthcare needs.

Patient Guidelines

At River’s Edge Hospital, we consider it a privilege to serve you and your family for your health care needs. River’s Edge provides a wide range of health care services at its facility.

As our patient, you are our most important concern. Your safety and comfort is very important to us and we want to make your hospital visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We invite our patients to be fully engaged in their health care. Please let us know how we can help to meet your physical and emotional needs.

Personal Belongings, Valuables and Electrical Equipment 
We recommend that your personal belongings and items of value are sent home with family members. All personal items that are kept at the hospital should be clearly marked. River’s Edge Hospital will not assume responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings, valuables or electrical equipment.

Drugs from Home 
Please give any prescriptions or drugs you bring from home, including aspirin, cold and sleeping medications, to your nurse upon admission. This is for your protection so that you take only medications prescribed by your doctor while in the hospital. We encourage that meds be returned home when possible.

Language & Hearing Impaired Services 
You have a right to a medical interpreter at no cost to you. River’s Edge provides interpreters for Spanish, Somalian, and  American Sign Language via video. Mandarin and other languages are also available via telephone. Please let us know when scheduling an appointment, or let the nursing staff know if you would like to have an interpreter or assistance during your visit.

Health Care Directive 
Minnesota law allows you to inform others of your health care wishes. You have the right to state your wishes or appoint an agent in writing so that others will know what you want if you can’t tell them because of illness or injury.

Advance directives booklet v2 online

Billing and Financial Information
A representative from our Business Office is available to assist you in understanding your hospital bill and answer any questions you may have regarding payment, insurance, financial options and payment terms. If you would like to speak to someone in our Business Office, please tell your nurse or call (507) 931-2200.

Grievance Procedure
It is River’s Edge Hospital’s philosophy that each individual receives quality health care and we endorse the Minnesota Patient’s Bill of Rights (available in other languages).  If you have a concern about the services and care given to you, or the charges made to you by the hospital or clinic, it is our desire to resolve these concerns in an expedient manner. Please report your concerns to the staff member caring for you. The staff member will, whenever possible, resolve your problem. If necessary, the problem shall be reported by the staff member to their supervisor. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the problem, the Grievance Procedure will be initiated by the supervisor by completing a Grievance Report and directing it to the Chief Quality Officer. You may request a written response.  Our Chief Quality Officer may be reached at (507) 934-7642. If you have further questions regarding the medical care you received, you may call or write to:

Office of Health Facility Complaint
P.O. Box 64970
St. Paul, MN 55164-0970
(651) 201-4201 or (800) 369-7994

Minnesota Department of Health
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975
(651) 201-5000 or (888) 345-0823

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