River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Foundation supports River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic in the improvement of health care delivery through donations that make new equipment, programs and facilities possible.


River’s Edge Hospital Foundation seeking community members to join organization

After a hiatus in active fund raising, the River’s Edge Hospital Foundation is rebooting and is looking for community members to join the Foundation to help carry out its mission to support River’s Edge Hospital.

The River’s Edge Hospital Foundation (formerly St. Peter Community Hospital Foundation) was formed to help support River’s Edge Hospital in the improvement of health care delivery through donations for new equipment, programs and facilities.  The Foundation was successful in raising more than $1.3 million to help build the current hospital in the early 2000s and raising more than $100,000 to aid in the purchase of a new ambulance in 2016.

Members of the Foundation will attend bimonthly meetings to plan and implement fund raising events that will support River’s Edge Hospital.

For more information about the Foundation, contact Stephanie Holden, Chief Experience Officer at 507-934-7645 or





Make a Donation

Tax deductible donations can be made by check or credit card. For more information, please call
(507) 934-7645.

Over $300,000 of health care investments to improve patient care, safety and outcomes is attributed to the River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic Foundation. In addition to supporting the construction of the hospital in 2004, the Foundation has also supported the purchase of the following items

  • Ambulance
  • Surgery anesthesia delivery system
  • Surgical instruments sterilization equipment
  • Articulating Lap Scope for abdominal surgery
  • Cardiac Rehab monitoring software
  • Vital Signs monitor for Physical Therapy
  • Recumbent Physical Therapy equipment
  • Auto Pulse compression equipment for the ER and Ambulance
  • Chemistry Analyzer for the Laboratory