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Before proceeding to the career listing and job application, please review the standards of behavior then click the job application link below to apply.

The River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic commitment is to put our customers first by providing excellent service at all times. In these standards all employees are empowered to deliver Service Excellence. This is the Our Edge.

Commitment to these standards not only benefits our customers, but also creates a culture that allows employees to feel valued and appreciated.

Attitude/Professional Conduct

  • Introduce yourself and call people by name.
  • Recognize that patients are the reason we are here. Be accountable to them.
  • Project support of the hospital; its mission, vision, values, policies & procedures.
  • Report to work as scheduled prepared to carry out your responsibilities and displaying a positive attitude.


  • Personal appearance is professional and appropriate for position.
  • Wear identification at all times.
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

Managing Up

  • Manage up coworkers, leaders, and yourself.
  • Celebrate successes and have fun at work.
  • Help coworkers feel appreciated and valued – send thank-you notes for specific actions.
  • Do not embarrass or criticize coworkers.
  • Do not gossip or talk negatively about others.

Commitment to Customers

  • Thank patients for waiting. Apologize for delays.
  • Use easily understood and appropriate language; avoid technical jargon.
  • Consider yourself a guest when in a patient’s room.
  • Advocate that patient rights are protected in respect to their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.
  • Never say anything about a patient that you would not say to the patient.
  • Use AIDET for every interaction with every customer.

Commitment to Coworkers

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect.
  • Welcome new staff. Set an example of cooperation within the workplace.
  • Address problems or misunderstandings with the appropriate person or supervisor/manager.
  • Discuss conflicts with coworkers directly and privately.
  • Follow through with assignments and effectively communicate with coworkers.
  • Hold yourself trustworthy and accountable. Others are depending on you.


  • Always greet others with a friendly smile and verbal acknowledgement.
  • Answer and respond to emails, telephone calls, pages, and patient call lights in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Listen to others in ways that show you understand and care.
  • Use AIDET when working with customers and coworkers.
  • Use respectful conversations to resolve issues with coworkers – go directly to coworker involved.
  • Recognize different communication styles. Look for ways to communicate effectively with each other.
    Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Every employee is responsible for ensuring that confidentiality is not compromised.
  • Do not discuss hospital business in hallways or public areas.
  • Keep all patient information protected.
  • Access and share information on a need-to-know basis.
  • Always knock before entering patient room or office.

Sense of Ownership

  • Take pride in the River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic.
  • Commit to excellence in all you do.
  • Accept responsibility for your own actions. Do not use we/they.
  • Communicate with honesty, behave ethically, act responsibly, and be accountable.
  • Engage in group problem solving. Identify problems with ideas for resolution.

Professional Development

  • Actively read books and other resources that are provided.
  • Self-development; grow personally and professionally.
  • Attend education opportunities, forums and meetings.

Each of us contributes to River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic in unique ways but we all share a collective responsibility to the communities we serve as well as to each other.

The Standards of Behavior provided gives us the tools we need to be successful in providing excellent service to our customers. Review this document thoroughly and discuss it with your co-workers. Of course, the Standards of Behavior cannot address every situation, and issues will continue to evolve as our organization grows.

When necessary, you can and should seek assistance and discuss concerns with your supervisor, a member of leadership, or Human Resources.

These Standards of Behavior and your efforts to meet these expectations will be reviewed each year as part of your annual performance evaluation.

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