July 2016

Exercise, movement and balance; the older we get, the harder it gets to do these things.

Worn hip and knee joints, arthritis, and diseases that cause muscle weakness limit how much an individual can do.

Nicole Boelter, exercise physiologist at River’s Edge Hospital & Clinic, is starting two new programs to help adults with mobility issues make lifestyle changes to increase strength and mobility.

“If you want to continue to feel good, you have to make changes,” Boelter said.

The first program is called OrthoStrong and is a part of the River’s Edge and Orthopaedic & Fracture Clinic’s OrthoEdge joint replacement program.

Research shows that the stronger patients who need joint replacement surgery are before their surgery, the sooner they will recover from surgery.

OrthoStrong is a pre-surgery and post-surgical exercise class developed by Boelter and the physical therapists at River’s Edge and OFC.  People who join the program will receive a reduced rate membership until their surgery date to LiveWell Fitness , the medical gym at River’s Edge.  Participants will meet with Boelter, learn proper execution of exercises featured in the OrthoEdge joint replacement book.

Following surgery and physical therapy, participants can join an exercise/support class.  This class will include a variety of exercises including range of motion and strengthening exercises, walking, tips and tools to get back to normal activity.

Boelter said the program will also help patient build strength and confidence prior to their surgery.

Another benefit of the program is the social aspect of the program.  Boelter said the support people receive in groups like this is just as healing as the exercise itself.  Members talk about what life was like before joint replacement, pain management and give tips and suggestions for others who are about to go through similar procedures.

“We want people to have successful outcomes,” said Boelter.

I CAN Prevent Diabetes ®, a diabetes prevention program held at River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic, has recently received accreditation from the Centers for Disease Control.

The class, led by Jennifer Donkin, registered dietician and Nicole Boelter, exercise physiologist at River’s Edge, is a 12-month program for people who are at risk for type 2 diabetes.  It focuses on weight loss and increased physical activity.

Donkin has been leading the I CAN Prevent Diabetes ® class since January 2012 and has been sending data to the CDC for 3 years.

“We’ve been successful in making adjustments to the program,” she said. “We follow the guidelines for outcomes the CDC is recommending.”

Participants are eligible if they have had a blood test indicating pre-diabetes or by taking a risk assessment at their doctor’s office.  Donkin said local providers are supportive of the class because they see the benefits.

The next I CAN Prevent Diabetes® class begins on August 23.  For more information, contact Jennifer Donkin at 507-934-7694.